BICCF has a Climate Change Agreement (CCA) for UK Calcium Carbon sites, where sites with a CCA have energy efficiency targets and benefit from a Climate Change Levy Discount. 

The BICCF Climate Change Levy Discount Scheme is the Climate Change Agreement for an installation or site where calcium carbonate based minerals are processed for use as filler or whitener for paper, plastics, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, food, paint or other products.

Membership of the CCA will entitle you to receive a Climate Change Levy discount on electricity, gas and LPG. 

CCAs are part of a package of government measures to tackle climate change that are designed to encourage UK businesses to save energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.  Jacobs work with BICCF to operate and administer the sector’s Climate Change Agreements on their behalf.  Operators who hold a CCA are eligible to claim a discount on the Climate Change Levy (CCL) charged on their energy bills.

For more information on the BICCF  Climate Change Levy Discount Scheme please visit