The BCCF - for information about calcium carbonate

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Calcium Carbonate

The World's Most Versatile Mineral

BCCF members' UK operations

Link to UK map showing location of BCCF members' UK operations

The BCCF currently has 9 member companies representing in total over 20 UK operations involved in the production of various types of calcium carbonate powders, granules and slurries.

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BCCF Members

BCCF member companies produce more than 3.5 million tonnes of calcium carbonate each year and are a vital interface with many thousands of downstream UK manufacturing companies.


Ben Bennett Jr Logo

Ben Bennett Jr Ltd

BCCF member profile

Francis Flowers Logo

Francis Flower

BCCF member profile

Hanson Aggregates Logo

Hanson Aggregates


BCCF member profile

Imerys Minerals Logo

Imerys Minerals Ltd

BCCF member profile

Leith (Scotland) Logo

Leith (Scotland) Ltd

BCCF member profile

Longcliffe Logo

Longcliffe Ltd

BCCF member profile

Omya UK Logo

Omya UK Ltd

BCCF member profile

Specialty Minerals Logo

Specialty Minerals Lifford

BCCF member profile

Tarmac Logo

Tarmac Ltd

BCCF member profile

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