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Calcium Carbonate

The World's Most Versatile Mineral

History of the BCCF – from chalk to calcium carbonate

The British Calcium Carbonates Federation (BCCF) was founded in 1943 as the British Whiting Federation (BWF) by 34 suppliers of chalk powders. Antecedents of the BCCF have a history that stretches back more than 100 years.

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The British Whiting Federation - 1943-1989
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About the British Calcium Carbonates Federation

The British Calcium Carbonates Federation (BCCF) is the UK's only trade body representing the interests of UK producers and suppliers of chalk, limestone, marble, dolomite and precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC).

Fine chalk powder

The federation was established over a 100 years ago to promote, encourage, foster and develop the calcium carbonate industry in the UK. Today the BCCF is still committed to promoting the benefits of calcium carbonate to industrial users and consumers in the many areas where it is now used.

The BCCF also provides a forum for the industry to come together and debate issues of mutual interest.

There are currently 8 key members supporting the association representing over 95% of the industry in the UK. Each member contributes to the BCCF regarding regulatory, heath & safety, environmental and technical matters relating to calcium carbonate and thus helping to enhance the recognition of the industry as a whole.

Calcium Carbonate Association - Europe

The BCCF interfaces with local authorities, government departments, and professional trade bodies and also has a voice at a European level through the European Calcium Carbonate Association (CCA) and IMA-Europe.

Promoting the benefits that calcium carbonate brings to everyday life

Modern calcium carbonate uses – paper, paint, rubber, plastics, household products, sealants, agriculture, bread, pharmaceuticals, glass
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